Training Shooting Facility

The Alliance Police Live-Fire Shoothouse was completed April 2010.  The building consists of layers of railroad ties separated by gravel to provide a bulletproof wall for training live situations in.

Numerous training coourses have been held here already with great success.

12-09-10 The Alliance Police Department is in the process of building one of the largest training shooting facilities in Ohio.  Pictured below, the facility will be built into the side of hill at the current police department shooting range. 

The facility will allow police officers from the department to train for real life building situations and vehicle traffic stop situations safely.  The building will also serve as a training complex for the police department to host training for other law enforcement personnel.


The building will be contructed primarily of used railroad ties purchased with proceeds of forfeitures from drug investigations from the railraod.  Pictured here, with Detective Weyer,  is a portion of the 4000 railraod ties delivered to the police range already.  These ties will safely stop any bullets from penetrating into the next room of the building so officers can train in multiple rooms safely and avoid crossfire.

Contruction is to begin soon with a projected finish date of April 15, 2010.  Currently site preperation will start after the appropriate permits are acquired.  An engineer has volunteered to do the site plan for the department for free and it is anticipated the the site clearing/excavating and actual building will likely be done by volunteers also.

A 330 yard range was added in 2014 for rifle quals and sniper training.


12-26-09:  Detective Weyer acquired donations of three industrial flagpoles worth 5-10K for the range.

12-28-09:  Excavation/Drainage set to begin on January 11th.  Building plans complete and returned from engineer.  Plans were donated - no cost.  The excavation is being done at no cost by the city Water Dept.

Police Chief Akenra X

Sworn in as Chief in 2023

28 year veteran of the Alliance Police Department.

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