Armored Personnel Carrier

The department's M113A2 Armored Personnel Carrier is deployed only in certain very high risk operations (such as those involving gunfire or the probability of gunfire), or during extreme weather conditions. These scenarios may require a go-anywhere rescue vehicle that offers significant protection to the occupants.

Our M113 (referred to as a “track”) was given to us at NO COST by the Department of Defense in 2008. All modifications were made locally, also at no cost to the taxpayers.
The track is powered by a 6 cylinder Detroit Diesel engine
·         The track weighs approximately 12 tons when loaded
·         The tracks speed on pavement is approximately 35-40 MPH
·         The track can swim at approximately 3 MPH
·         The track can accommodate 13 people, including driver and two injured persons on litters
·         The track is completely armored against small arms fire
·         The track can climb most common vertical obstacles
·         The track has no offensive weapons, IT IS NOT A TANK.
·         The track can travel 300 miles on its 95 gallon diesel fuel tank
·         The track can easily traverse floodwaters and snow that would stop common wheeled vehicles
·         The track is normally transported to a site via an M818 Tractor and a trailer, also given to us by the Department of Defense
Special Thanks to the Businesses that donated time, equipment and materials to the project:

Heastands - Respirators
Sidleys - Sandblasting Sand
Broadway Iron - Sandblasting Equipment
Mulnars Suburban Auto - Primer, Paint, Lettering
Bob Williams - Sandblasting
Miller Holzworth - Periscopes
US Government - M113 Unit and Transport Truck
Freightliner of Youngstown - Oil Filters and Maintenance 

Police Chief Akenra X

Sworn in as Chief in 2023

28 year veteran of the Alliance Police Department.

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