Domestic Violence


 Any abusive or coercive behavior used to control an intimate partner is domestic violence. Examples are physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse. Domestic violence occurs in current or former relationships both married and living together as a married couple. Domestic violence also can occur in lesbian and homosexual relationships as well. Domestic violence can happen in any home anywhere and crosses all socio-economic boundaries.
In domestic violence batterers seek to gain power and control over their victim. This is the core of domestic violence issues POWER AND CONTROL not anger, drug or alcohol abuse but to control the victim. The batterer takes control by physical, sexual and emotional abuse. There are two crimes often most associated with domestic violence; sexual assault/ violence and stalking. There are many reasons why the victim does not leave. The following are examples of a few of the reasons.

Financial needs

Fear of the batterer

Concern for children



Domestic violence is a community problem in as much as a family issue. For years domestic violence had been “accepted” as a “family issue”. In recent years however, there have been great strides in dealing with domestic violence. There are more stringent laws, awareness and education programs to more social services dedicated to helping families and victims of domestic violence. The community as a whole needs to be educated and aware of the effects of domestic violence in the community. The following are resources for victims and education regarding domestic violence issues.
2.      Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter 330-823-7223
4.      Ohio Domestic Violence Network
5.      Ohio Domestic Violence Resource Center


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