Special Response Team

The Alliance Police Department Special Response Team (SRT) 


The APD SRT was formed in 1998 to replace the limited capabilities of the APD Narcotics Entry Team "NET". The formation of the SRT allowed for a response to a wider variety of criminal problems including; Barricaded Suspects, Hostage Situations, Apprehension of Dangerous Fugitives and Rural Criminal Surveillance Operations.

Since inception, SRT has been involved in over three-hundred operations in four counties and two states.


With an authorized strength of twenty-five officers, the unit draws some of its members from other area agencies. SRT officers are first and foremost, good police officers that can have no serious disciplinary issues. A candidate for SRT must endure and successfully pass a written exam, physical fitness testing to include push-ups, sit-ups and a two-mile timed run. If passed the candidate moves to Field Phase were they undergo a number of arduous physical tasks such as carrying simulated crime victims, all while being exposed to riot control agents (gas) and wearing a respirator. If that is passed, the candidate must pass a firearms test and finally, an interview with the Chief of Police.

Each new team member must then complete a minimum forty-hour Basic SWAT course before being given any operational duties. All team members spend hundreds of hours each year in specialized training in addition to their normal departmental duties. The team itself trains officers from other agencies as well as military units in law enforcement crossover skills.


Special Response Team Commander Joseph Weyer took command of the team in 2014.  Weyer not only serves as the lead SRT officer, but as the department's range/firearms training officer.  Weyer brings years of experience, along with other officers in the department, from their service in the US Armed Forces. 

The unit maintains its own fleet of vehicles including a customized van and two specialized off-road SUV’s and for protection of the officers and citizens during certain violent criminal confrontations.


While maintaining an armory of less-lethal and lethal weapons, SRT prides itself on resolution of an incident without resorting to them.


 SRT Commander - Det. Joseph Weyer - email
 SRT Administrator - Capt. James L. Hilles - email
SRT Members:

Timothy Heavlin
Seth Busche
MD Jones
Joseph Weyer
Roy Steed
Andrew Boyce
 Sean Mark
Jean Jorgenson
Chris Kenneally
Peter Listerman
Christian Tussey
Randy Weyer
William McBride


Police Chief Akenra X

Sworn in as Chief in 2023

28 year veteran of the Alliance Police Department.

Alliance Police Phone Numbers

330.821.3131  Emergency

330.821.9140  Non-Emergency

330.823.5383 Investigations

330.823.5532  Chief's Office

330.829.2225 Fax

Alliance-Ohio Emergency Alert System


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