3rd shift

3rd Shift Patrol







Lt. Matthew Shatzer  Sgt Michael Jones

3rd Shift Patrol is commanded by Lt. Matthew Shatzer and Sgt Michael Jones.  Midnight patrol - as it is commonly referred to, consisits of eight full-time patrol officers.  Typically four of those officers work the eight hour shift (2330-0730 hrs) each day.

Midnight shift officers spend considerable time responding to fight calls, neighborhood disturbances and calls related to alcohol use/liquor violations.  They also spend time responding to alarm calls and motor vehicle accidents.  When not responding to these types of calls, officers are encouraged to check liquor establishments, check closed businesses, patrol the residential neighborhoods for suspicious activity and curb any disturbances in the neighborhoods.

Please feel free to contact any of the officers below or the command officers should you have a problem.  Lt. Matthew Shatzer reports to the Operations Captain.


ShatzerLt. Matthew Shatzer - 330.823.0987 ext 2276 (voicemail only) - email



Sgt. Michael Jones- 330.823.0987 ext 2284 (voicemail only) - email




Patrolman Anthony Palozzi - 330.823.0987 ext 2282 (voicemail only) - email



Patrolman Michael Donley- 330.823.0987 ext 2293 (voicemail only) - email



Patrolman Sean Mark- 330.823.0987 ext 2298 (voicemail only) - email



Ptl. Ethan Griffith - 330.823.0987 ext 2314 (voicemail only) - email



Ptl. Jesse Binkley - 330.823.0987 ext 2315 (voicemail only) - email



Ptl. Anthony Higgins - 330.823.0987 ext 2316 (voicemail only) - email


Police Chief Akenra X

Sworn in as Chief in 2023

28 year veteran of the Alliance Police Department.

Alliance Police Phone Numbers

330.821.3131  Emergency

330.821.9140  Non-Emergency

330.823.5383 Investigations

330.823.5532  Chief's Office

330.829.2225 Fax

Alliance-Ohio Emergency Alert System


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