Chief of Police


First, I’d like to say I am blessed to be in this position as your Police Chief. I say “your” Police Chief because I work for you, the citizens of Alliance. I don’t take this position lightly and understand that I must gain your trust through hard work, honesty, compassion, and integrity. These four things will be the staple of my administration and will permeate through the ranks.

I wish to bridge the gap between the citizens of our town and the officers on patrol. I want you to know that with each encounter APD will treat you with respect and deal with you fairly. Naturally, these will likely be stressful events, but we will do our best to make sure your problem is dealt with in a professional manner and that the issue is resolved. To those law-abiding citizens, know that we have your back. I am convinced that the answer to crime is a two-pronged approach wherein the citizens and their police department act as one to combat those who would break the law. We must communicate with one another so that no public trend of crime gains a foothold in our community. We must work together.

To those of the criminal element, know that you will be sought and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. With dogged determination we will seek you out, arrest you, and let justice take its course.

This is a new dawn for the Alliance Police Department, one that I believe will flourish through our commitment of solidarity with you, the citizens of Alliance. I am excited to be at the helm and look forward to what the future holds for our fair city.
                                                                               Thank You
                                                                               Akenra X
                                                                               Chief of Police
Contact Chief Akenra X - 330.823.5532 (office) - email


Police Chief Akenra X

Sworn in as Chief in 2023

28 year veteran of the Alliance Police Department.

Alliance Police Phone Numbers

330.821.3131  Emergency

330.821.9140  Non-Emergency

330.823.5383 Investigations

330.823.5532  Chief's Office

330.829.2225 Fax

Alliance-Ohio Emergency Alert System


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